Gillie Da Kid and relationship coach Derrick Jaxn went back and forth on instagram

On Wednesday May 30th Gillie Da Kid and relationship coach Derrick Jaxn went back and forth over a video Derrick posted of Gillie Da Kid. Gillie is known for his million dollars of game advice. Where he makes funny videos on Instagram giving advice to different people who ask his opinion on different topics and situations. Well the advice Gillie gave on the topic should you be mad at your man for liking sexy pictures of different women on Instagram. Didn’t sit well with Derrick, he posted the video of what Gillie had to say about men being in a relationship liking pictures on social media. In the video Gillie responded by telling the female to grown up and be happy her man is only liking a picture and not putting icing on other females cheeks. Basically saying it’s not that deep Instagram is for liking pictures. Derrick didn’t agree with Gillie and gave his opinion. Which was, if a man can’t control his thirst by not liking pictures. Knowing that liking different women pictures will cause problems in his relationship. Then he won’t be able to control his self from cheating. Gillie wasn’t feeling Derrick posting him on his page and begun to clown Derrick in the comments. Then Gillie made a video talking about how Derrick was only trying to give relationship advice to get sex from insecure women. This was very entertaining I must say. Click the link to watch the video of Derrick and Gillie opinion

SHOULD YOU BE MAD YOUR MAN “LIKES” SEXY IG PICS? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔 What are y’all opinions? Comment below!

#internetbeef #GillieDaKid #DerrickJaxn #relationshipcoach #likingpics #instagram

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