Tonight’s Special Guest Khasosaa

Last week a video surfaced the internet and went viral of a young man being handcuffed by the police. In the video the young man who was handcuffed spoke to the police very combative and irate calling them ugly, stupid, dumb bitches and telling them to shut the fuck up etc. Well guess what we tracked down the young man, he’s a up and coming artist from Philly who goes by the name Khasosaa and tonight he’s going to be a guest on our show. We’ll being talking about what happened the day the police approached and handcuffed him. Why his response was irate and combative. We’ll also be playing some of his music and talking about his career. Tune in tonight May 22nd 8pm Click the link to watch Khasosaa interview

#fuckthepolice #fuckthecops #fuck12 #PhillyArtist #khasosaa #instagramcopvideo #lilboydisrespectingcops

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