Lex Dime Lost Girls Video Reaches Over A 100,000 Views

Philly hiphop artist and founder of the lost girls campaign, Lex Dime "Lost Girls video reaches over a 100,000 views. Lex Dime dropped her song and video Lost Girls on June 16 2017. The song features Suzann Christine on the hook. This song touches on three different horrific scenarios, which three females experienced.

The first verse speaks on a 15 year old teenager who's pregnant and her child's father is facing life in prison. The Real Exposure Show, BBinc Choc and her daughter stared in this role in the video. The second verses speaks on a 17 year old teenager who was left paralyzed from being shot. The third verse speaks about a female in college being date raped.

Check out Real Exposure own BBinc Choc in this video.

Watch, like, share, subscribe to Lex Dime YouTube Lost Girls Video Keep up with her lost girl campaign by checking out her website The Lost Girl Campaign Website Leave your thoughts and comments below

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