Guy Gets Punched In His Face By A Female After Throwing A Drink On Her

King Senna called in to our show last night to give us the full story on what happened, and why this jerk AKA Dick Head Of The Day threw a drink on her. She told us she arrived at the bar around 1:30am we all know the bars close at 2am in Philly they turn the lights on around 1:50 1:55am. Senna told us from the time she came in the bar till the lights came on Dick Head Of The Day stalked her the entire time she was there.

He kept offering to buy her a drink she denied several times. He kept insisting she then agreed after being bagged for over 20 minutes. Once she agreed to take his drink offer. Dick Head Of The Day walked off then came back with a drink. Senna not knowing if he put a date rap or any other drugs in her drink she gave the drink to the bartender and asked her to make her a new drink. Dick Head Of The Day got mad and did not pay for the new drink. Dick Head Of The Day friend with the red shirt that was seen in the video paid for the drink. Dick Head Of The Day just couldn't leave without trying to humiliate Senna. He waited until the lights came on in the club and had his friend record him while he threw a drink on her. Wrong move at that moment he fucked up trying to embarrass her he got his self embarrassed.

Senna didn't hesitate to react wearing a cute lime green dress with 4 inch heels she pulled the drink she had in her hand in his face and jumped out of her seat and punched that dick head in his face two times. He then grabbed a hookah off the bar and threw it at her she ducked and it hit a guy in the face. Security quickly grabbed Dick Head Of The Day and escorted him out of the bar.

So here at The Real Exposure Show we did a little research on Dick Head Of The Day and he's a rapper. He has a song out on Soundcloud called James Harden glorifying poppin pills. So there's no doubt in our mind if he put a date rape pill or some type of drug in her drink.

That's why he walked off and came back with the drink and refused to buy the drink senna seen get made. Ladies be aware of your surroundings at all times never take a drink that you didn't see get made from any guys especially a guy you don't know message! Shout to Uptown Philly

Senna put y'all back on the map after Bossy had y'all looking bad for trying to have sex and licking ass in the middle of the dance floor in Miami at Big Homie Tank Weekend LMAO 215RealExposure!!!

#BarFight #UptownPhilly #ThrowingDrinks #215RealExposure #PhillyFights #daterap #perks #pillcosby #canttakerejection

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