New Orleans Hip-Hop Artist 3D Natee Drops a New Video for her single"Maria" off her Latest

New Orleans hip-hop artist 3D Natee dropped a new video for her song Maria off her latest project The Regime. In the song 3D Natee talks about how her best friend Maria was always in competition with her. Maria ended up getting with a dope boy who was getting money and then she turned all the way on 3D Natee. 3D Natee raps about how Maria made fun of her during her adversity on the come up with her music career. It doesn't stop there as years go on the tables turn. 3D NaTee is now successful with her music career and her best friend Maria turned to drugs after her boyfriend that she stunned on 3D Natee for started to beat on her. Maria and her son are now homeless and Natee allow them to say in her mansion. During their stay at 3D Natee crib Maria killed her self and left a letter. Dear Natee my son deserve to be raised by someone like you not me.

Check out the video on her website:

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